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10 key steps to take to get the home you are looking for

It’s not easy to find a new home. There are tons of questions to make sure of and there are even more coming up along the way. So, therefore I’ve decided to come up with the list of the top ten key steps which you should make sure of to find the best home for you.

1.) Make sure of the budget first

Be ready to be able to pay at the very least 20-30% of the total price of the property but the more the merrier. Only get credit for the amount you are sure to be able to pay off and have money well in advance to be able to pay the first few years’ payment at hand. This will make the transaction safer.

2.) Find the best area or areas for you

Have a plan A and a plan B at hand so that you can be more flexible when it comes to looking for homes. Luckily the internet can help a lot when it comes to seeing what certain areas have on offer or look like.

3.) Ensure that the property fits your lifestyle

Do you really need a big garden if you don’t have time to take care of it? Are you sure you want to move out of the city just yet, when it will take a long time to commute daily? These are very important questions.

4.) Expectations vs. Reality

Hiring a good agent to show you the best supply for your budget and expectations is a good way to learn what you can and cannot get for your money. Some people’s dreams are far-fetched from what they can realistically afford or what they really need.

5.) Make sure the home is clean and needs no urgent renovation

If you find a home, you want one where you won’t need to renovate at least for the upcoming 5 years. Renovation should be limited to a new wall color and furniture only.

6.) Only buy a home with a good neighborhood

Look for a home which doesn’t have any joint areas and shared areas with your neighbors and where you practically only see each other when visiting the other.

7.) Safe area

Only look for a new home in an area that is safe. This is essential not just for survival but for the future hope of selling your home in return for a better one in the future.

8.) If buying a house

Make sure you get it vetted with a complete property check. Houses are way riskier to buy then apartments.

9.) Let it be practical

The area should have all the amenities you need especially if you have family make sure the commuting is safe and easy, that there are schools or kindergartens nearby.

10.) Do you really need your own home?

Only invest in a new home if you are really willing to settle down. This is way too much of a burden especially with a credit. Renting can also be a good option if you cannot yet afford your own home.

Hope these tips will help you with your planning and intention to buy your home.